Silent air curtain

It is so quiet, you forget it’s there until you look at your energy bill. That is where an NHS Silent air curtain makes a world of difference. With this silent air curtain you can have your door invitingly open in any season without losing energy. In the meantime your employees and visitors enjoy a comfortable indoor climate and you keep insects, dust, smoke and dirt out.

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Product Silent


Wall or ceiling mounted in plain view with air intake top and bottom.

Product Silent GVP

Silent GVP

For mounting in plain sight or for recessing into a suspended ceiling, with visible bottom and air intake from below.

Product Silent BVP

Silent BVP

Built-in above the suspended ceiling, with just the air intake and discharge opening visible and with air intake from below.

5 Jaar garantie icoon

High quality and a five-year guarantee

All NHS air curtains comply with the highest quality standards. When you purchase an air curtain you receive a five-year guarantee.

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For doors in every width and up to 3 metres tall

You can create an effective air curtain for any door width. The four length sizes are easy to combine. Generally we choose horizontal installation, but there are situations where a vertical air curtain is better solution, for really tall doors for example.

Eenvoudige installatie icoon

Installation in a flash

Both the horizontal and vertical Silent air curtains are easy to mount. Horizontal air curtains are mounted to the wall with M8 stud fixings or with brackets that can be ordered separately. You can fix the vertical air curtains to the floor or on top of each other with the supplied consoles. In connection with the risk of tilting it is important to anchor the top air curtain to the wall or the ceiling.

Heating and cooling methods

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    Hot water

    Air curtains that are heated by hot water have a heat exchanger that is connected to the central-heating network. We equip air curtains with a heating battery as standard, which is suitable for hot water of 80/60ºC and 60/40ºC (W). Air curtains are also available with a heating battery for low temperatures of 45/35ºC (LW).

    For optimum energy savings it is always important to adjust your air curtains properly with your central-heating boiler, city or district heating, heat pump or other sources of sustainable energy. The hot-water air curtains are secured against loosening by metal plates around the connections.

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    Direct expansion

    Air curtains for direct expansion (DX) are suitable for the refrigerant R410A. These air curtains operate as an evaporator with a stand-alone heat pump or integrated into a VRF climate-control system.

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    Our air curtains that screen off cold areas such as cold stores do not have a heating battery (A).


Manual operation

With manual operation you select the speed of the airflow. However, there is a chance that your air curtain does not operate properly in line with the conditions at that time. The air that you have heated or cooled may still flow away through doors and entrances.

Standard functions:

  • Five settings for the airflow speed.
  • Summer-winter function (230 V) with control by a magnetic valve or pump.
  • You can use one control to control several air curtains. Convenient for large and wide entrances where several air curtains are required.
  • Partial or full integration into a building-management system or retail scheme. For example, switch the air curtain on or off through the building-management system or operate it with a 0-10 V signal.
NHS Bediening handmatig
Manual control
NHS Bediening automatisch
Automatic or semi-automatic control

Automatic or semi-automatic

Do you want to be sure of the correct settings? You prefer not to worry about your air curtain? NHS Luchtgordijnen has developed an innovative control – automatic or semi-automatic depending on the accessories you choose. It is a complete control system, suitable for all types of air curtains – from hot water and electric to hybrid and unheated. Depending on your choice of air curtain and accessories, different additional functions are available.

Additional functions (accessories):

  • To be used with an outside temperature sensor. On the basis of the outside temperature, the control automatically determines the correct setting. An air curtain is only used when it is really necessary.
  • To be connected to a door contact or sensor, which ensures that an air curtain only works when the door is opened or when movement is detected. After an adjustable period of time, it is switched off automatically.
  • To be used with an integrated or external room thermostat. A water-heated air curtain requires a magnetic valve for this purpose. With automatic control of the heat supply and the room temperature, ensuring the room temperature remains constant.
  • Control with fully integrated control of heat pump and air curtain, in function of the chosen heat pump. This can be in our control or in the control of the heat-pump manufacturer.
  • Frost-protection thermostat in case of partial outside air intake to prevent the heating battery from freezing.
  • With a timer, the air curtain switches on or off automatically.